Hopping aboard the United States Navy San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock USS New York the morning of Wednesday, May 22, 2019, one can only have so many expectations. Still feeling dreary eyed from a 3am start, my adrenaline starts pumping and I'm ready to seize the day. 

My competitive nature starts to kick in the second I see the crew of media who will also be on board with me for Fleet Week. My focus dramatically shifts to making my story stand out from the rest. 

As everyone begins working, I observe. We’re all here to tell a story about the same thing, and all fighting for the different angle. 

Even though the Navy personnel aboard the ship seemed to be pleased with the coverage, I couldn’t help but think about how invasive we all were being. Invasiveness comes with the job, especially at an event like this one. For some reason I was especially intrigued by it this time around, even though I am also a part of it. Instead of only putting my lens towards the Navy, I put my camera towards the media. An inception of sorts, media covering media.